Place money on an inmate's books

In order for an inmate here at the Montgomery County Department of Corrections to be able to purchase things from commissary he or she will need to have money on their books to use. There are many different ways to put money onto an inmate's books.  You can come to the Montgomery County Department of corrections in person, online through your web browser, by phone or even through the mail.

  • In person at the Montgomery County Department of Corrections:
    • Must be cash or credit.  No personal checks accepted.
    • The admin office of the Montgomery County Department of Corrections is open Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm, closed on holidays.
    • The inmates order commissary on Friday morning.  The money must be deposited no later than Thursday 5pm the day before for the inmate to be able to use this money to order commissary.
  • In the mail:
    1. You can either send cash or a money order (we do not except personal checks).
    2. Put the inmates name on the front of the envelope.
    3. Our address is 300 E Main Independence, Kansas.
    4. You have to have on the return address full name (first and last) and your address.
  • Over the internet via
    1. Go to the website
    2. Click on the link that says "get started by clicking here".
    3. Next you'll choose the state in the drop down box "Kansas".
    4. Next choose the county "Montgomery".
    5. Next choose the facility "Montgomery County Detention Center".
      1. After you chose the facility you have to click on the link that says "web deposit".
      2. At this point you choose the inmate your wanting to put money on their books. After you choose the
      3. inmate it will have you enter all your information and enter the credit card number your going to use.