Montgomery County Jail Visitation

Inmate Visiting Hours
Male Female Work Release
Wednesday and Thursday
1:00 Pm - 3:30 Pm
Wednesday and Thursday
9:00 Am - 11:00 Am
After 1:00 Pm


You must fill out an application to visit every time your inmate is booked, as the circumstances are different for each booking. Each time you will be approved by the Sheriff, County Attorney, and the Jail Administrator prior to Visitation. A "NO" from any will deny the visit. This process takes approximately 72 hours to get approval.

If you are on Bond, Probation, Parole, or have been incarcerated in the jail in the last 6 months, your visitation will be denied.

You must call in each visitation day to make an appointment for that day. Then you must be here 30 minutes before that time.

Visitation is a privilege and will be cancelled for inmates with behavioral problems.

We can not and will not pass or give messages to your inmate. You must write him/her, or wait for them to call you.

Bond amounts are available at the Sheriff's Office (across the lobby) or at the location of the arresting authority. Charges filed against an inmate are available from the arresting authority.

Click here to download the Visitation Background Check form.  This form must be presented with a valid state ID or drivers license.  The ID or license can not be expired.

For your convienience your jail visitation can be mailed to the Montgomery County Jail.  It must be accompanied by a copy of your valid, state issued ID card or Drivers license.  Please do not fax this form to the Montgomery County Jail.  The Montgomery County Jail mailing address can be found here.